Welcome to ICSBAM 2017

International Conference on Spectroscopy of Bio-molecules and Advanced Materials

4-7 October 2017

Christian College Chengannur Kerala India

Sponsors and collaborators


UGC, New Delhi, Government of India

DST-SERB, Government of India

KSCSTE, Government of Kerala

Indian Spectroscopy Society

Asian Journal of Physics

Asian Chem Letters

The stage is set, the lights are on and the red carpet is out…..


International Conference on Spectroscopy of Bio-molecules and Advanced Materials (ICSBAM 2017) is amongst the most dynamic conferences on spectroscopy attracting participants from all over the world. This venture has a broad scope, an interdisciplinary fete including chemists, material scientists and biologists. It will be hosted by Christian College, Chengannur, Kerala, India. The conference will prove an excellent opportunity for the delegates to broaden their minds beyond their individual specialisation. 

Office Bearers



  • His Grace The Most Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan

  • Rt Rev Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa

Executive committee

  • Chairperson                               Achamma Alex

  • Hon Chairperson                      W Kiefer (Germany)

  • C0-Chairperson                        S Gunasekaran

  • Convenors                                  Sunila Abraham

                                                          Hubert Joe

  • Organising secretary               Vinod Kumar Rastogi

International organising committee

  • W Kiefer (Germany)

  • Hartwig Schulz (Germany)

  • Hugh Barr (UK)

  • M A Palafox (Spain)

  • Sylvia Turrel (France)

  • Tarek Ahmad (Egypt)

  • O F Nielsen (Denmark)

  • Irena kostova (Bulgaria)

  • Smilja Todorovic (Portugal)

  • Ingo Fischer (Germany)

  • V Rajendran 

National organising committee

•      S P Singh 

•      Daisy Bhat

•      P K Tripathi

•      Poonam Tandon

•      Archana Gupta

•      J Tonnavar

•      Biju V

•      Bena Joythy

•      C Joydeep

•      D Sajan

•      George Thomas

•      Ommen V ommen

•      Unnikrishnan N V

•      Anantharaman M R

•      J Bushiri

•     Shbbir Ahmad

•     V Balachandran



Joint Conveners

  • Sophia K Philip (Reception & Local Arrangements)

  • Johnson Baby (Travel & Logistics)

  • Ligi Cherian (Finance)

  • Dessy P Koruthu (Programme and Sessions)      

Joint Secretaries

  • Vinoy Thomas (Travel & Logistics)

  • Hysen Thomas (Programme and Sessions)      


  • Abraham A

Joint Co-ordinators

  • Jayakrishnan R (Editorial Committee)

  • Annies Joseph (Reception & Local Arrangements)

  • Preetha Karanaver (Editorial Committee)


  • Preetha Karanaver (Editorial Committee)

  • Abhilash R (Travel & Logistics)

  • Rani Abraham (Editorial Committee)

  • Roshni Thomas (Reception & Local Arrangements)

  • Rekha Unni (Finance)

  • Sujesh Baby (Travel & Logistics)

  • Tiju Jospeh Mathew (Travel & Logistics)

  • Teena Lis Luke (Programme and Sessions)

  • Jim Chacko (Finance)

  • Alex T George (Reception & Local Arrangements)